Systematic Security

Admiral utilizes modern training and tracking technology to systematically ensure our associates execute our post orders. We expect all guards to act with the utmost integrity and discretion delivering the appropriate service for your patrons, guests and users.

Working Together
Works Best

We work with your team to ensure the right solutions for your business throughout our relationship. By establishing a rhythm of proactive communication between Admiral and your company, we guarantee our operations and staff evolve with your needs and keep you secure.

Securing The Facts

We are your eyes and ears. Through our customized guard information system, we deliver tailored, infomative reports that detail the events taking place at your facility. These simple but comprehensive updates allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.


Checkpoint Tour System

Real-time tracking for every checkpoint scanned on guard tours and immediate notification of unusual activity to your dashboard, SMS, or email.


Incident Reports

Customized and searchable activity and incident reports including pictures and signatures for validation. Reports are delivered immediately or on a schedule based on priority and your needs.


GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS management of the entire remote workforce, and verified activity tracking for investigation and time keeping.


Post Order Management

We keep our staff informed about unique policies and protocols at each location they serve - Post orders are accessible on mobile devices and relevant to the guard’s location.


Customized For Each Client

We provide a suite of tools to support your unique operation, including reports built around the data you need for your business and peace of mind.


Parking Enforcement

We offer customized enforcement options to ensure that only parkers you want on your property park on your property. We have a number of enforcement options including booting, citations and towing. In most cases we will even pay for the signs on your property.

In The Company Of

We are in the business of providing people to secure your assets, so we have developed core systems that ensure we get and keep the best people. At Admiral we want our associates to grow and be recognized for their dedication to service and commitment to client relationships. We have a multi-level system of reward that recognizes our guards for the performance that matters most for our clients.


  • Maritime
  • Healthcare
  • Residential
  • Commercial & Industrial Property
  • Education
  • Private Events
  • Conventions & Meetings
  • Film


  • Access & Perimeter Control
  • Building Conciege & Protection Services
  • Security Guard Patrols
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Special Event Staffing & Security
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Response
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • TWIC Escorting
  • U.S. Marshal & Substitute Custodian

A Higher Level Of Officer
Our 3t System


We constantly monitor progress and effort to improve capabilites. Some of the ways we measure our growth:

  • Client Feedback
  • Supervisor Feedback
  • Reporting & Information Generation
  • Random Post Assessments


We invest in our guards, preparing them for any situation. Some of the training our staff receives:

  • Driver Safety
  • Report Writing
  • Emergency Response
  • First Aid / CPR
  • Responsible Use of Force
  • Customer Service


Our team members are rewarded for the years invested.

Our Team

James M. Huger

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Poole

General Manager
Admiral Security

Christopher Lawson

General Manager
Admiral Enforcement

Joseph Branch

Senior Enforcement Agent

Sean Martinez

Director of Guard Operations

David Lawley

Branch Manager

Harvey Warnick

Branch Manager
New Orleans

Jamal Anderson

Senior Enforcement Agent
New Orleans

Shannel Platenberg

Vice President of Conferences and Events

Polly Rowell

Office Manager


New Orleans, LA (Headquarters)

1010 Common Street, Suite 2970
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 831 1407

Mobile, Al

305D N. Joachim Street
Mobile, AL 36603
(251) 725 6018